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Literal translation Essay Examples

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Dynamic and formal equivalence

This part, which serves as the introduction to the thesis, first defines the key term “tourism text” and expounds its essential functions, then it moves on to provide a brief review of relevant studies available and explain the necessity and purpose of the research, finally, it points out the arrangement and content as well as the…

Creativity in Translation

1. Introduction Translation has been defined as follows: “The replacement of textual material in one language by equivalent textual material in another language. ” (Schjoldager 2008: 17) However, most translators will argue that translation is much more than that. And I will too. Translation has many purposes and many different audiences – and therefore, the…

Translation & Antigone

Transmittance of Interpretation and Intention in Translation Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone, although written long ago in a linguistic form foreign to the modern English speaker, finds new and relatable life by the whims and wits of Robert Fagles and Anne Carson’s translations, Antigone and Antigo nick respectively. After reading either translation and recognizing the great variation…



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Translation Analysis

Discourse Structure Sławomir Mrożek addressed his story to a circle of educated Poles, who would understand the subtle irony contained within his work. Mrożek leaves no doubt as to the historical context of his work. Time of the action can be verified by numerous allusions to the Polish post-communistic period. The main character of the…

Equivalence in Translation

Introduction Dynamic equivalence, as a respectable principle of translation, has been around in the translation sector for a long time. It is the method whereby the translator’s purpose is not to give a literal, word-for-word rendition but to transfer the meaning of the text as would be best expressed in the words of the receptor…

Syllabus in Translation

This course is designed to acquaint the students with the theories and principles of translation and editing. It provides students opportunities to apply their knowledge in translation and editing. IV. COURSE UNITS : 3 units (3 hours per week) V. COURSE OBJECTIVES : A. General Objective At the end of the term, the students are…

Gender and Translation

Abstract The aim of this study was to identify the role of the gender of the translator on the accuracy of the translation, and to determine whether there is any difference between the translations done by female and male translators in terms of translation accuracy. Two English novels and two translations for each, one done…

Translation Techniques

I would like to start this blog by telling you a story of what actually happened once in our office. A prospect had called our office and wanted to get further information regarding our costs per word and translation services and asked one of our new Account Managers if we had “one of those translation…

Unnaturalness in English Vietnamese Translation

Abstract Unnaturalness in English – Vietnamese translation: causes and cures by Le Phuong Lan The purpose of this graduation thesis has primarily been to define and describe mistakes – the translation unnaturalness – frequently seen in English – Vietnamese translation which, does not completely ruin the whole work though, may confuse or puzzle readers of…

Translation Technique by Molina and Albir

Cet article a pour objectif de cerner la notion de technique de traduction entendue comme un des instruments d’analyse textuelle qui permet d’etudier le fonctionnement de l’equivalence par rapport a l’original. Nous rappelons tout d’abord les differentes definitions et classifications qui ont ete proposees ainsi que les confusions terminologiques, conceptuelles et de classification qui en…

Cultural Elements in Translation

Different languages result in different world views. Different languages direct their speaker to a certain way of thinking and paying attention to certain aspects of the world around them. So translation is not only finding the best equivalent but also finding appropriate ways of saying things in another language. The main problem for a translator…

The Concept of Equivalence in Translation

The concept of equivalence highlights the relation between the source text and the target text. Translators should aim at transmitting the message as accurately as possible, while evoking the views, attitudes and emotions in the target audience that the source text evokes. When getting ready to translate a text, the translator should set his/her hierarchy…

General Translation Theories

While not everyone who drives an automobile needs to understand the theory behind the internal combustion engine, someone does need to know this theory. I may be able to drive my Pontiac without any knowledge of internal combustion engines, until the Pontiac breaks down. Then, I must find someone (presumably a mechanic) who does in…

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