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Hollywood Essay Examples

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Effects of mass shootings in America

“A gunman wearing a gas mask and black SWAT gear hurled a gas canister inside a crowded movie theater during a midnight showing of the new Batman movie Friday and then opened fire, killing 12 people and wounding nearly 60 others in an attack so bizarre that some moviegoers at first thought they were watching…

Bollywood v. Hollywood

The objective of this essay is to look into the theoretical underpinnings of the divergent discourses that underlie the two biggest and most famous film industries of our time. The only common features in these two industries are that they are both very large and growing rapidly, and increasing in the sophistication of the movies…

Hollywood Science & Disaster Cinema

To some extent, all fiction attempts to bend factual truths in the service of the narrative. In some cases, this is done for purposes of pure function, such as heightening the stakes of narrative or preventing the dramatic momentum from grinding to a complete halt. In other cases, it is done to express a particular…



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Truman Capote’s Hollywood

The things which surround a person can be interpreted with many different meanings by different people—thus, what may be an ordinary object for one person may entirely be significant or can also be hateful for another. The emotions and memories we connect with objects are but products of our background history, personalities, and way of…

Hollywood and Marketing: Understanding the Appeal of Jaws

The success of Jaws may mainly be attributed to the interconnected presence of various genres and themes throughout the film, hence significantly increasing the range of its prospective audience. For one, aside from being basically a thriller, the presence of an enormous shark as a dangerous entity would of course highlight themes on nature similar…

Hollywood Musical

The Hollywood provides different musical compositions that somehow affected the genres of musical films and the trends of musical preferences within the society. Even with the same musical movie genre, certain marked up evolution can be noticed excelling from Singing in the Rain in 1952 and the latest Hairspray last 2007. The trends of musicality,…

Hollywood Constructions of Gender

Hollywood had portrayed a variety of different categories of heroes in its cinematic history. None has been more important to film than the superhero and the Western. Both superheroes and Western heroes are considered tough and ready to conquer the evils of the world. Any actor playing Superman is able to portray the “Man of…

Dames, Damsels and Dangerous Women: The Femme Fatale in Hollywood

The stereotype of the so-called femme fatale whose origin was believed to be seen in the beginnings of the talkies the early days of Hollywood which began in the mid to late 1920’s and mostly associated with film noir, black comedy or film which began even as early as the late twenties is a stereotype…

Hollywood at its best: Buster Keaton’s General

History of cinema has seen many phases and today’s commercial cinema is quite different in many aspects from the cinema of the silent era or classical cinema. The changes and the growth of the technical quality of Hollywood movies are remarkable but despite of these technical changes there are certain movies from even the silent…

Historical Significance

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else”, is among the infamous quotes of Judy Garland. Given the birth name of Frances Ethel Gumm, she turned out to be a legendary Hollywood actress and singer. Starting her singing career at the age of 2, she accompanied her sisters…

Arlene Goldbard, “Making the World Safe for Hollywood”

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has been in existence since 1945. Primarily founded to safeguard education even in poor countries, the organization now also looks after scientific and cultural areas as well. Recently, however, the United States refused to vote for the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the…

Hollywood’s Dilemma

After two decades of labor peace, Hollywood is now facing a major dilemma as movie and television writers embark on an industrywide strike. The walkout brought the first widespread shutdown of the entertainment industry since the 1988 writers’ strike which lasted five months and cost the industry more than $500 million. The call for strike…

The Hollywood star

Winona Laura Horowitz, born October. 29, 1971 in Winona, MN. Her parents are Cindy and Michael Horowiz. She has three siblings named Sunyata, Jubal, and Yuri. She was raised in Petaluma, CA. The ‘Hollywood star’ was a very successful actress at the age of just fifteen; with excellent grades at high school 4. 0 GPA…

George and Lennie

The title of the book comes from a poem by the 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns. “Of Mice and Men” is a novel written by John Steinbeck. It is set in California in 1930s during the time of the depression. During this time of depression, people lived in poverty, finding it difficult to gain…

My wonder years

  I was so late that I almost slipped on the bridle path as I ran to catch my bus. I looked like an inhuman jumble sale. My clothes where so large on me they where either cast off Pavarotti uniform or designed for the ‘supersized’. My shoes had the clumpy factor that matched my…

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