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  • Chemistry Chapter One

    Define science Gaining knowledge based on observation Major categories of science Biological science and physical science Define biological science Study of things that are/were alive Define physical science Study of matter Examples of biological science Botany- plants Zoology- animals Mycology- fungi Microbiology- microorganisms Examples of physical science Chemistry-matter and its… VIEW ESSAY

  • Occupations Starting with "A" Vocabulary Study Guide

    audition (v) to try or compete for a role or part in a performance black hole (n) an object in space created when a star explodes where no electromagnetic radiation can escape chisel (n) a tool shaped like a wedge with a cutting edge at the end of the blade,… VIEW ESSAY

  • Post-war Uncertainty (Einstein, Freud, Picasso)

    Albert Einstein Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein E = mc^2 Albert Einstein Physics Sigmund Freud Psychology Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud Id, Ego, Superego Sigmund Freud Much of human behavior is irrational Pablo Picasso Cubism Pablo Picasso Art VIEW ESSAY

  • Banking Understanding Interest

    How many calculation periods are in one year when the interest is calculated monthly? 12 What is the Rule of 72? Tells you how many years are required to double your money at a given interest rate Explain the Time Value of Money (TVM) concept. Assumes money can be placed… VIEW ESSAY

  • Child

    ChildHood-Date of birth Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. Childhood- Birth place Albert Einstein was born in Ulm Germany. Shortly after he was born he moved to Munich, Germany. Childhood- Grew up Albert grew up in Munich Germany. Childhood- Parents Albert Einstein's parents names are Hermann Einstein and… VIEW ESSAY

  • Einstein’s Dreams about Time

    Time is a circle; individual experience endlessly repeats itself A women kissing her cancer-ridden husband for the last time on his death bed doesn't know that her entire life will repeat itself over and over again and she will see her husband again. Time is like a flow of water,… VIEW ESSAY

  • Photoelectric Effect and Albert Einstein

    Photoelectric effect Light bombards the surface of a metal and electrons are ejected Frequency Minimum must be met or no action! Once minimum is met, intensity increases rate of ejection. Photon massless particle of light Does a photon have mass? Yes! In 1922 Arthur Compton performed experiments involving collisions of… VIEW ESSAY

  • 13.3 Einstein’s photoelectric effect equation

    Conservation of energy and the photoelectric effect Energy of each individual photon must be conserved. This energy: 1. Frees a single electron from the surface of the metal in a one-to-one interaction 2. Any remainder energy is transferred into KE pf photoelectron Define work function Minimum energy to free electron… VIEW ESSAY

  • Physical Science Chapter 3

    conduction The process of heat transfer from one said object to another through direct contact (like when you touch a hot pan) conservation of energy The principle that energy is never created or destroyed, only changed from one form to another. convection The process of heat transfer by molecular motioning… VIEW ESSAY

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