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Chapter 15-1

Albert Einstein
Offered startling new ideas on space , time,energy , and matter

Theory of relativity
Light travels at the same speed , every wear it goes. It had to do with motion of objects

Sigmund Freud
Austrian physician, treated patients with psychology

There is no universal meaning to life the ppl make there own choices through life and own meaning of life

Fried rich Nietzsche
German philosopher , they were influence by him ( the extentislism ppl)

An art movement, that sought to link the world of dreams with real life

A popular music style of black people.

Charles Lindbergh
An American pilot , captured world attention in a 33 hour solo flight from New York to Paris

Why were the ideas of Einstein and Freud revolutionary ?
Because people don’t like change and this was a big change. It changed people’s views of the world .

How did literature in the 1920 reflect the uncertainty of the period ?
People didn’t know what there life was meant for. They were uncertain of what they were suppose to do in this world

What impact did the increased use of the automobile have on average people ?
Car prices dropped. They got better . Cars became more popular and more people traveled for pleasure . New business opened and life styles changed

Why do you think writers and artists began exploring the unconscious ?
New ideas of the mind and an element of uncertainty

Why did some women begin demanding more political and social freedom ?
The war allowed women to take on more roles. They helped a lot in the war and this made them more useful to society. Women changed traditional clothing methods.women went to school and got better educations

Why were new medical treatments and inventions developed during WW1?

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